November 11, 2017

How to transport your goods safely in India

When we transport our goods 1st things comes to our mind that goods should reach the destination safely. When you have goods to transport or transportation business, then you need to take care of several additional things that might not be directly associated or connected to your business but are equally importation. But unfortunately that is not happening and those important things are missing in the traditional transportation business. Traditional transporters neither bother nor are interested in making transportation simplified as it is next to impossible to simplify transportation in India without the use of technology. YOULORRY is trying to address that there are many factors along with your transportation work which may collectively work to make your business grow new heights if properly taken care. If you are not able to deliver the goods or consignment on time safely, then it will put a black spot on your credibility.

transportation of goods

Indian Transportation Industry

Indian transportation industry is highly fragmented and traditional transporters follow conventional approach to transport the goods from one place to other. Therefore, it becomes very important to change the way traditional transporters are working and bring technology in to overhaul the industry and set the standard where Indian transportation can be compared with transportation of other countries. Safety & security of good being transported in India depends on many things, vital few among them will be discussed below.

  • Set or establish guidelines
  • Choose right transport company
  • Use technology
  • Train your resources
  • Create verified pool of drivers & truck owners
  • Train drivers for driving techniques
  • Bring behavioural change in drivers
  • Keep track of every trip
  • Maintain record
  • Data Analysis
  • Feedback mechanism

In order to establish guidelines, it is important to make use of technology and key management tools in transportation, which hardly been done as yet. YOULORRY is trying to do it with its strong management team and highly skilled technical resources.

technology enabled company youlorry

Technology Enabled Company

Once you have framed the plan, how to transport your consignment to your desired destination, you need to select a good transportation company that will get the work done for you, the technology-enabled company like YOULORRY may be a better choice. When you are into manufacturing business you have to make sure that you are sending the goods to the desired destination/customer in time and it is your responsibility to select an appropriate transportation company that will help you get the job done for you. Review the work of transportation company they have done in past before establishing the partnership agreement with them. Read and discuss the terms and conditions with your legal advisor to understand it correctly and avoid future problems which may arise due to improper understanding of terms and conditions mentioned.

YOULORRY has spent lots of money & time in market research to understand the functioning and behaviour of this market, and due to which they have been able to come up with a very simple Android App, that can be used by customers, transporters, brokers, truck owners to streamline their business and work efficiently and smartly.

Download Customer APP

Download Trucker App

Using these apps customer and trucker can do the online truck booking and online load booking with ease.

This industry operates on trust, therefore it is important to create a pool of verified trucks, drivers and truck owners; without that booking truck online or booking load online should not be initiated as it involves transportation of costly goods as well at times. Therefore, for safe & secure transportation of goods, verification is a mandatory activity and should not be missed.

transport of good through truck drivers

Truck Drivers Training

Training drivers for their driving techniques and also for behavioural change is need of hour. Since drivers are the backbone of this industry; formal training program must be conducted for them periodically. Key driving techniques must be demonstrated for safety and security of goods on road. Few tips for drivers may be, taking nap, taking a cup of tea, avoid overeating, avoiding contrast light, and keeping emotion under control, etc. Drivers must be treated with respect if really want to bring behavioural change in them.

YOULORRY has developed ‘YOUTRACK’ tracking mobile app to track the consignment from loading to delivery point. In order to track your consignment driver must install ‘YOUTRACK’ app on his android mobile app and enter the unique quotation ID when starts the trips. You can track your consignment from your customise dashboard through YOULORRY APP.

transport your goods

Record Maintenance

Maintaining record is as important as keeping track of every trip of your goods being transported. This activity helps you gathering the data over time. Compiling data, doing statistical data analysis helps you make an informed decision for your company. Therefore, the very first step towards this is process is to select a transport company which may help you provide such details of every trip of transportation. YOULORRY a technology supported transportation company understand the use of data is, therefore, using all the tools and techniques to analyse the data on the periodic basis.

The feedback mechanism is a technique to improve processes of the company continuously, hence never be ignored, and best technique to improve in an incremental manner.


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