October 2, 2017

Technology in Indian Transportation and Trucking Industry

Scroll down to read about How Technology in Indian Transportation and Trucking Industry is important? With more than 4.8 million kilometres of roads infrastructure, Indian road network is the second-largest in the globe after the USA and continually growing. On any particular day, this second largest network has more than 8.2 million goods vehicles travelling on road towards pick-up or delivery point. Goods transportation by roads accounts for about 7% of India’s GDP. Still, Indian transportation and trucking industry operates with inefficiencies, corruption, full of accidents and poor services. The entire business runs mostly on trust, as this sector does not work with online truck booking & tracking from loading to unloading points.

In India,there are lagre number of those truck owners who have 1-5 trucks of their own. It cannot be expected from small players in terms of service quality due to large numbers of players are competing only on the price point. The cutthroat competition eventually affects driver’s pay and end up with hiring unskilled drivers, and put them under long shifts with tight delivery schedules.

Technology in Indian Transportation and Trucking Industry

The driving conditions for drivers on trip are not favourable as Indian highways aren’t well constructed and neither is safest. As a result, even those who don’t have any option to meet their bread & butter requirements, hardly choose to get in this sector.

Further, there are number of cab players come in the market like ola, uber etc, for survival and comfort driving cab then truck is more favorable. Based on Business Today report, truck drivers earning is approx three times lesser than the earning of cab driver. In early 90’s after post economic liberalization the trend has reversed and shortage of truck drivers is compounding every year. According to the ground level transportation industry report, daily around 26% of Indian transporting vehicles remain unused because of unavailability of drivers. If the shortage continues like this, it may reach up to 50 percent by 2022. Right now, all this contributes to an estimated annual economic loss by a huge number and adversely affects India’s GDP.

However, investors are also interested in technology-oriented projects.Because all one knows that future of transportation is technology driven transportation industry.One major player among them is YOULORRY, whose’s business model insight is:

YOULORRY Business Model Highlights

Intercity full truck load market place: working as an aggregator it’s a platform connecting Truckers and customers. Consumer can book truck online and trucker can book freight online in few clicks through laptop, desktop, smart phone etc. Using smart phone truckers can send the quotations for loads can freeze the deal.

Technology Highlights

  • Mobile App based technology
  • GPS-enabled tracking
  • Customised dashboard
  • Mobile App simple to use features
  • Online truck booking feature
  • Online load booking feature
  • Track and trace facility for customers

India’s trucking Industry trending towards online truck bookings

  • Online truck booking and transport management is based on, easy to use platform for bidding, pricing management, rate comparison, tracking etc.
  • Computational calculations of requirement and fulfillment is based on parameters such as capacity, availability, distance and time etc.
  • Automation making online truck booking simple: Mobile Apps based registration, ordering, 24/7 tracking, alerts, payments etc.

There are number of new start-ups are coming in transportation and logistics industry to renovate the transportation and truck booking process into online and automatic.At the end This will help the freight owners, brokers , transporters and truck owners to make their whole management process smooth and auto driven by technology.

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