September 2, 2017

14 Things to Remember while Online Truck Booking

Factory people & freight providers (Transporters) are advised to focus on few key things to remember while online truck booking for goods transportation. These are:

  1. After successful login on YOULORRY website, freight providers should click on Find truck page to get information regarding available trucks.
  2. Once click on Find Truck button list of available trucks will appear.If you are not familiar with Online Truck Booking, please read how to book truck online. Full details of online truck booking with the explanation.
  3. To choose the trucks for transportation of your goods you should first view the routes of available trucks.
  4. In order to see the trucks for your route, either you can scroll down through the page or you can search the truck for the required route by filling one of the fields provided in advance search section on the same page.
  5. Once you find the trucks of your choice you should take a critical look at the amount which trucker has provided.
  6. There may be more than one trucks available for your route, in that case, you should compare the rates provided there so that you can choose the cheapest truck for your transportation.
  7. But, the rate is not the only parameter you should focus on, you should further look for where trucks are YOULORRY verified or not, tracking is available for that particular truck or not, driver and truckers rating. These this will help you decide the best choice for your goods transportation.
  8. During the booking process if you encounter any difficulties, make a call to YOULORRY customer care number +91 9958610005.
  9. If you are not ok with rates provided, YOULORRY provides you an opportunity to send the quotation to truckers, where you can give your rates to truckers.
  10. YOULORRY gives you chance to provide quotations to as many truckers as you want for your one single load. Since you are sending quotations to many truckers there is high probability that you get the best rate for your load.
  11. Once your quotation is accepted by trucker, your details will be shared with them and truck details will be received by you through SMS.
  12. After successfully online truck booking, you are free to speak to truckers for loading time and other related details.
  13. If you are not happy with the trucker you booked you are free to cancel the booking at no cost just by providing the reason of cancellation, YOULOORY official take it seriously and they will get in touch with you within 24 hours of allocated time to serve you.
  14. Even if you cancel the online truck booking, your load will again appear in YOULORRY platform where you can further receive and send quotation to book it again.



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